SO….. Christmas is coming and many of us are excited, anxious, and maybe even panicking!!

We find that we can put so much pressure on ourselves for the  PERFECTholiday-cookies day, gifts, the food has to be just right, making sure everyone is overjoyed by our thoughtfulness and hard work we made look easy. But at the end of the day, we are simply STRESSED!!!

Well, I’m here to tell you…. STOP! Many of us have childhood memories that are special and if we really stop and think about it, many of them start with the thought, “we didn’t have much- but we had each other”

Do you remember baking cookies with your Nana, or snowball fights with the neighborhood kids, or even the whole family snuggled up around the TV watching your favorite Christmas specials with snacks and cocoa? Those are the things that make the Holidays special and priceless as we age.

The holidays are supposed to be a time to spend time with loved ones, showing love and appreciation for having them in your life. A time to remember how much they mean to you and creating new and lasting memories for years to come. How does buying that expensive toy or gift exactly do that again?

Family is becoming almost non-existent in this new era. Kids spend more time FACE timing on electronic devices than actual FACE TIME with family. We can all become consumed with the latest and newest trends than traditions and customs of our family history. As this special time of year draws closer, let’s reevaluate exactly WHAT will make this year a year to remember. How can we create a new family tradition, a new memory that our kids will cherish and share with their kids?

Let’s face it- years from now when our kids look back on their childhood, are they more likely to say, ” I remember when my folks bought me a new $600 gaming system…or ” I remember time spent with all my family together doing….” You fill in the blank.

Happy Holidays and thanks for the memories,

Chef Kimberly 



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