FOOD TIPS & TRICKS: Best Ways to Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

How many times have you tried to gently peel your boiled eggs and ended up with a beaten up egg white mess??!! Trust me,if you are anything like me, you LOVE deviled eggs, but HATE to peel them from their protected white fortress.

Surprisingly, it seems to be a common dilemma and I’ve found some techniques that should help make this process go smoother and much quicker for us all.  You can thank me later!

You have several options to address the problem at hand. During or after the boiling process will depend on you, the time available and patience.



SMASH EFFECT While your eggs are in the boiling water, about midway through your boiling time take a potato masher (or spoon can work as well) and lightly “Smash” the eggs to crack the shells. The key to this process is the TIMING. You want to make sure they have boiled long enough for the whites to have set and you have only a few minutes left for  the yolks to finish. While tapping your eggs, the idea is to create a cracked surface on the shells. Be careful not to actually smash the eggs interior. Once you are comfortable with a full smashed effect, let the eggs continue to boil for their duration. This should be approx another 4-5 mins. Now that your eggs are hard boiled, remove from heat and run under tepid water to allow them to become cool to touch. When you grab each egg, the shells should practically fall off with ease!!

It’s also said that if you add a teaspoon of bicarbonate soda to cold water with your eggs and allow it to all come to a boil together. This changes the Ph of your eggs and makes peeling easier.


Got Water? -Peel Eggs with a glass of water. Yes, I said with a glass of water! Place your boiled egg in a glass and fill partially with water. Position your hand over the glass as to block the water from splashing everywhere. You may wish to do this over a sink. Shake the glass vigorously with your egg inside, approx 15-20 seconds. The agitation  will do the work for you. As you remove the egg from the glass- WAA LAA! The shell should be fully separated from the egg.  This can be done in the glass with one or two eggs easily.

Now to go for the hat trick- place 4-5 in a container that has a matching lid. Add water, and SHAKE!!!!! More magic and the kids will think you are a genius! While this method is great when you have Little helpers around, if its just you and your eggs pour off the hot water and add cold to your pot. Replace a tight fitting lid and hold together and swirl the pot vigorously to create your own little bumper car effect of the eggs knocking against each other and the sides of the pot. Drain, rinse and the shells should pour right out of the pot.

Want a simpler solution? Ok, try these.

Ice Ice Baby!– Once your eggs have boiled run some cold water over them and cover with a few ice cubes. The ice will cause the eggs to contract inside the shell and pull away from the it. This will help the shells peel off easier and less likely in a 1001 and tiny slivers.

The Rolling Tip– place boiled egg in the palm of your hand on a flat surface. Roll the egg, keeping centered in your palm along the table making one complete roll. You want to apply pressure as you roll, enough to crack the shell but not to squish your egg. Now this part may take practice, but next you want to hold each end of the egg and TWIST the shell off.  If you’ve mastered this tip, the shell should come off in 2 pieces, eliminating that time consuming act of peeling hundreds of small fragments.

Well, there we have it- Hope this has helped you tackle this problem with ease. Feel free to leave a comment on methods you’ve tried, succeeded with or even failed miserably! Look for more Tips to come.

Happy Peeling-

Chef Kimberly






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