BRUSSELKALE?? The New Food Hybrid



A British vegetable seed company has spent 15 years developing the hybrid, which was scheduled to hit US supermarkets this past fall. Hybrids, are not new of course, and this hasn’t been genetically modified. The plant grows on a Brussels stalk, with red kale flowers blooming from each Brussels bud. You may have seen it listed by any of its alternative names in your market such as, Lollipops, Kalettes, or Flower Sprouts.

BrusselKale was designed to have a more subtle flavor than the sprouts we are used to and texture was kept in mind to ensure successful sautéing and for adding raw to salads. Since both sprouts and kale are Super Foods, this double dose product is said to be rich in vitamins B6 and C.

An easy way to prepare would be to sauté these gems with some garlic, salt and olive oil in a pan for a sweet cabbage like flavor. The stems cook up crispy but still tender and you get that meaty bite from the sprout as well as a crispy leafy chew.

Broccolini was introduced in 1999 and received a fairly receptive response from the public. Let’s welcome BrusselKale to our tables and you may even get the kids to enjoy these tasty “trees” on their plates!

If you have tried this new Super Food, feel free to share your thoughts or recipes with us here on The New Kommotion!

Happy Eating,

Chef Kimberly 




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