A Better You in 2017.. Guide to Healthy Food Tips for the New Year


Yes, it’s THAT time of year again, when we all make a conscious decision to do BETTER this New year. It’s a perfect time to start fresh and become more determined to accomplish what we perhaps failed or forgot about last year.

One thing I believe is most important is our HEALTH. Quite frankly, if we are not healthy, then the rest of our desires are a mute point. How will you enjoy life or go after your dreams if you are unhealthy? So, here’s a few tips to get you on the right track in the New Year….

DRINK WATER!! Water keeps you hydrated for those workouts and also helps flush impurities. Another good idea is to drink a glass of water before each meal to help curb your appetite.

SNACK BETTER!! We all have those cravings for something midday or late night that will throw us off our game plan. Plan ahead by having better options on hand. Fruit, of course, dried nuts, Greek yogurt even peanut or almond butter are good options to tame the craving and feel satiated. The natural sugars will also give a nice energy boost.

MORE AND LESS!! When fixing your plate it’s easy to load up on your favorites. Instead, put LESS of the high calorie eats on your plate and MORE of the veggies. Skip the cheesy and saucy, but add spices to boost the flavor. The smaller portion of the “not so good” will help you feel satisfied while the bigger portions of the “very good” will help you fight guilt.

LATER LATTE!! Have you ever examined how many empty calories are in those snazzy coffee drinks? If you want a better way to energize your mornings, try oatmeal topped with fruit or nuts, sweet (or savory) Greek yogurt or even an English muffin with peanut butter or cream cheese. The breakfast snack will help jump start your metabolism for the day and you will get more satisfaction from the calorie intake than a cup of Joe will do. Most of the time we gulp it down without even tasting it.  And you can find a lot of grab and go or quick microwaveable versions at your grocery store.

GET YOUR GROOVE ON!! What better way to burn calories than to put on your headset, turn up the music and just GROOVE! Dance like no ones watching and have some fun. The cardio workout will do wonders for your body and your spirits.

Remember, the key is to stay focused on your goal to be healthy. Don’t worry about the scale or counting calories. Desire to be HEALTHY and the rest will come naturally.

I wish you all a very HEALTHY New Year!!








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