About New Kommotions


We strive to provide intriguing information about FOOD! Food is not simply a means of sustenance, but it is a part of life. It is the center of most family gatherings and social interactions. It is a viable piece of health care and healing. It is also a way to speak your heart, without words.

Our goal is to open the mind to the endless possibilities of FOOD. Ever wonder where that came from or how do you cook the item you noticed at the grocery store? Have a big event planned and don’t know what to cook or serve? Simply turn to New Kommotions for the answers.

Don’t see what you are looking for? NO PROBLEM!!! Send us a comment or request and we’ll gladly do the research for you. Recipes, Food facts, History of a dish or specific food even ideas for your next gathering… just ask!

Look for more great things at New Kommotions to come!

Share a love of Food,

Kimberly Townsend- Chef and Creative Baker