Have YOU heard the New Kommotion?

fbimgfbimg_10206165811735862__48           Welcome to A New Kommotion! I am honored to spend a few moments with you to share insights on new food trends, history facts and ways to add FLAVOR to our daily lives. I am a strong believer that mealtime should not be a chore but a flavor filled adventure. We eat to sustain ourselves, so why not enjoy the journey of preparing a meal and the excitement of trying new things and share that with our loved ones?

Each new posting will help you to do just that. I will offer some history facts about WHAT we eat, as well as new ideas on HOW to prepare it. Have a picky eater at home? We will tackle some ways to awaken their taste buds to try new foods. Are you concerned about health or dietary issues? No worries- we will look into ways to make the blandest of “rabbit food” EXCITING for you.

So, Welcome to the journey and look for the NEW KOMMOTION soon