Traveling Treats are sweet bites we make just for you. Take a scroll thru our freshly baked product line for any occasion and we will gladly ship to your door!



Moist flavorful jumbo muffins we hand picked for each month to ship to our club members. Choose your muffin shipment plan to fit your needs or as a gift and we will do the rest.

Flavor Line Up 2018

December:  EGGNOG ECSTASY: A moist treat with all the classic flavors of holiday eggnog we look forward to all year. Great way to start your morning with a steaming cup of tea or coffee on a winters day.  

January: WINTER’S DELIGHT:  What’s better a cold day than a warm cup of cocoa? A warm cocoa MUFFIN! These are full of that deep chocolate flavor with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows baked right in

February: LOVE BUG MUFFIN: It’s the time for love!! This muffin is JAM packed with strawberry flavor and rich cream. It is sure to tempt all of your taste buds with LOVE .


March: KISS ME CREAM: You will feel luckier than the Irish with these treats on your table. The flavors of apples, spinach and Bailey’s Irish Cream will pare well for a tasty snack that’s Magically Delicious!

April: SPRING FLING MUFFINS: Every “Bunny” will love these tasty treats. Each muffin is jam packed with fresh carrots, raisins and walnuts in every bite. The kids will ask to eat their vegetables with these muffins on the table.

May: EL CHURRO MUFFINS: What a way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo! These muffins are bursting with that familiar cinnamon flavor of Churros perfect for any meal or snack time.


June:  PEACH PERFECTION: What better way to welcome in the fresh tastes of summer than a juicy peach? Try our peachy muffin with the sweet flavor of brown sugar and vanilla baked in.

July:  FREEDOM MUFFINS: The flavor of these gems will bring fireworks to your palate. Blueberry Oat Yogurt Summer is here and these muffins will kick start the season for you. Packed with blueberries, oats and moist Greek yogurt will be the great start to any summer day.make this the must have for your 4th of July plans.

August: TROPICAL TREASURES: Bananas, pineapples and coconuts OH MY! Your tongue will say ALOHA to these moist morsels as the flavors take you away to that island retreat of your imagination.


Sept: SWEET CREAMY CORN MUFFINS: Not your average corn muffin since they are sweetened with honey with a touch of sour cream to add moisture that is undeniably GOOD!

October: PUMPKIN PARADISE: Pumpkin muffins with a cream cheese swirl that take the taste of pumpkin pie to a new level.

November: FALL HARVEST: Welcome in the season with this delectable treat packed with the flavors of Fall. Apples and Butternut Squash with a hint of Cinnamon will offer an unforgettable taste of Fall.


Membership plans will ship by the 15th of the month (unless otherwise requested). 

STARTER SNACKER One shipment of 24 mini muffins- 2 of each flavor. Great for gifting.        One time price $55, plus shipping

SEASONS PACKAGE  ( 3 ) shipments of your size choices.

Winter: Dec, Jan, Feb                                       Spring: March, April, May

Summer: June, July, Aug                                 Fall: Sept., Oct. Nov

6 pk   $50   12pk   $60   24pk   $70  each plus shipping

CASUAL MUFFIN LOVER (6) shipments  OF YOUR FLAVOR CHOICES. Please specify your flavor choice per shipment. ONE flavor per SHIPMENT

6pk   $75    12pk  $95  24pk  $105    each plus shipping

MUFFIN MANIA LOVERS – (12) shipments of each monthly flavor

6pk   $165    12pk  $185  24pk  $195    each plus shipping

Email your requests to:




The ADULT version of your childhood favorite, Oreo’s. We take the creme filling, booze it up and dip them in a rich chocolate coating. Perfect little surprise for your next gathering.


Grasshopper Oreo– filled with a Peppermint Schnapps Creme between two chocolate wafers

St. Paddy Would Melt– Bailey’s Irish Cream is blended into a light fluffy filling for these Oreo’s.

Jamakin Me Crazy– A mix of Malibu Rum and sweet cream make these Oreo’s double stuffed with flavor.

Ain’t No Angel Oreo– Creamy filling between two Golden Oreo wafers with a burst of Frangelico Liquer gives these Oreo’s a distinct flavor boost.

Sampler (pk of 12)- $20 Doubler  (pk of 24)- $35   Party Pac (pk of 36)- $50


Bite sized cookie morsels packed with flavor you can’t believe!

Rainbows & Sunshine– Lemon shortbread cookie bites filled with sprinkles in every bite

Chocolate Dream- Chocolate cookie dough with white and milk chocolate chips

Sugar Love– Sugar cookie bites rolled in a colorful sugar coating

Snicker Who? Cinnamon and sugar cookie drops rich in that classic flavor.

Oats & Berries- Oatmeal and cranberry cookie bites full of flavor minus the guilt!

Small: $25     Medium: $35   Large: $45  Grand: $65 plus shipping

Email your orders to with quantity, flavor choice and shipping info.

Happy Snacking,

Chef Kimberly


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